At Liberty Disability Services, we don’t think outside the box, because to us, there is no box. We see endless opportunity and view challenges as an opportunity to learn. As an organisation we operate with open minds and professional but innovative thinking as we structure our services. Our staff recognise your right to choose and encourage your voice to be heard..

The team at Liberty Disability Services has been pulled together by the founders to create not only an organisation with a wealth of knowledge and experience but a compassionate and caring team of individuals who have a passion for creating positive change, while empowering participants to achieve their goals.

Liberty Disability Services is a registered NDIS Provider. Our fees can be claimed for supports funded by the NDIS plans. Our fees can be found here! 



Our experienced Support Coordinators can help you navigate the NDIS system and use your plan to it's full advantage.

We assist you with your plan review and guide you every step of the way.

Liberty Disability Services staff have built strong networks within the agency to achieve the best outcomes for our participants.

Most of all our Support Coordinators are driven to achieve positive outcomes for our participants and empower them to achieve their goals.


As a registered plan manager we are able to give you the flexibility of having a self managed plan without the stress of having to find the finances to work flexibly within the NDIS framework.

Liberty Disability Services have experienced bookkeeping and accounting staff to ensure transparency and professionalism throughout management of our your plan. 



Liberty Disability Services offers NDIS and privately funded Psychology services.  

We cover assessments, interventions'. counselling and group therapy which support both your NDIS & personal goals.

Our therapists specialise in early intervention (0-6), children (6-12), teenagers (13-19), and adults (20+) 

Our friendly and innovative team focus on your needs and wants whilst using the latest evidence based therapies to support you and your families to build the skills needed for everyday life.

Our Programs in School Holidays are for all abilities. Each activity is uniquely designed around individual participant needs.

Our programs are offered in age groups and level of disability however are flexible and can be designed around participants specific needs.

New daily activities are always being created based on what is happening in the region and will have a strong community and social participation focus but most of all…LOTS OF FUN!




Our Community Mentor Program has been designed specifically for kids and adults.

We have structured the program to provide positive role models to work on skills provided by therapist and care teams in social or community settings.

The program is designed to provide a "Big Brother/Big Sister" type figure for participants who are experiencing behaviours of concern, social isolation or come from complex environments.

Through one on one sessions, participants will develop interpersonal social skills and build a respectful relationship with a professional, positive and fun role model.

Finding housing can be tough, filling out all the forms even tougher! At Liberty Disability Services our staff are able to assist you navigate the wave of forms and work with you to secure accommodation and understand your tenancy obligations.

Through working with Department of Housing, real estates, shared accommodation facilities or putting our heads together, Liberty Disability Services staff will work tirelessly to support you in finding a place to call home.



Our team is a powerhouse of knowledge. We have staff with over 20 years experience in the education and training field, who will be able to guide you through the process of finding a course or undertaking therapy structured groups to reach your individual goals.

As we move through life the only constant we can be sure about is CHANGE!

At Liberty Disability Services we work with you to achieve your goals as you transition through these life stages, whilst having the support you need for positive outcomes. 

Our staff will be there every step of the way providing guidance and empowering you to make positive informed changes.



All of Liberty Disability Services’ operations and activities are founded upon understanding that we do not walk in our participants’ shoes and their voice is more important than our own



At Liberty Disability Services we don’t see a participant’s disability, we see their ability and explore innovative options to achieve the best outcome



At Liberty Disability service we aim to provide supports of the highest quality, in order to empower our participants to have choice and control over their services whilst working towards achieving their individual goals


Liberty Disability Services Respite is provided by our qualified and compassionate carers in their homes to give you the feeling of “just visiting family”.

All our respite carers are individually matched to participants to ensure the right level of care is provided based on their needs.

Our carers all hold current police checks, working with children registrations,, home safety checklists and first aid certificates so you or the person you care for can be rest assured the highest level of care will be provided.


Our dedicated and trained employment staff are able to guide you through the process of setting up your telehealth video appointments. 

Our dedicated and trained employment staff are able to guide you through the process of setting up your telehealth video . 

Its important that you are able to continue to receive the services you require to achieve your goals. We are here to help!


We offer variety of house, garden and lawn maintenance to our participants. This program provides a range of services that ensures your home is kept in a suitable condition. We assist in quality up-keep in a range of tasks including whipper snipper, landscaping, patching holes, fixing fences and doors, replacing fly screens, tree trimming, pruning, and much more.